Travel Guide Books With Scuba Mask

  • March 12, 2019

Travel guide books (or more frequently known as travel guides) are often one’s best travel companion. They are great resources when it comes to finding out valuable information about your destination, such as addresses and contact information for hotels, restaurants, social and cultural attractions, and many more.

Travel Guide Books

scuba maskTraveling has been a human endeavor since the beginning of time, but it was the ancient civilizations of Greece, Egypt and the Roman Empire that perfected travel for cultural, commercial and political purposes. The first versions of travel guides could be found in the ancient Egyptian or Roman treasure maps. Later revised in the Medieval times by the Arab world they became a widespread industry as treasure hunters and alchemists started journeys in search of treasures, magic stones or highly valued antiques.

In modern times with the advent of advanced transportation systems and especially transatlantic flights, traveling was completely reinvented. The first tourism guides in the 40s and 50s were considered an upper-class tourist information guide providing information about lodging and restaurants that matched an upper-class budget.

As airplane fares became cheaper, a new class emerged and transformed the industry of travel guides- students started traveling to Europe in their summer breaks. Their budgets and cultural and social needs were definitely not met by the existing tourist guide books. The first one to address their needs was edited by students at Harvard University in the early 1960s and was handed out as a free travel guide to students visiting Europe. It later became published as let’s go Europe, and it contained the best tips and travel information for a budget vacation for young adventurous tourists. The success of this publication laid the grounds for a successful series of travel guides called Lets go¦.(insert destination)

Nowadays the travel guide book industry offers travel guides customized according to your type of travel, urban traveling (city guides focus on urban traveling), adventure traveling, cultural traveling as well as guides tailored to one’s budget, age, and many other factors. With the advent of the latest technology, online and mobile travel guides have gained a larger market share than the usual paperback travel guides.

The numerous possibilities out there for full face snorkel mask and make it possible for any kind of traveler to find their best and favorite travel guide books that will make their holiday a priceless and enjoyable experience.


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