Portable dog fence: Helpful for training your pet

  • March 9, 2019

Controlling dogs might be difficult at times, especially for those very playful ones. To be able to keep him in a given area, then a portable dog fence might be all you need. A portable dog fence is guaranteed safe for your dog, as well as for you. If you are fond of traveling and you want to bring your pet along, then you can put your dog in the back area of your truck or at the back seat. You are assured that he is safe, and second, he won’t be able to bother you while you are driving because he is inside the fence.

Why is the portable dog fence useful?

portable dog fenceIt is meant to put a boundary or border your dog’s activities so that he’ll remain safe and quiet. Bringing your dogs along (truck) with you without one is a dangerous decision.

You can also opt for the portable dog fence that is electric. It is a wireless fence and has a collar (for your dog) and a transmitter of radio signals. This is easier to use when camping because your dog can still play but in a limited area.

Proselect portable dog fence

The Proselect portable dog fence is a high-quality fence in the market and can be bought at affordable prices. This one is also known as exercise pens for your dog. They can be used both for traveling and even for home use. It is made up of strong panels—eight 24-inch panels. If constructed, they can create an area of the 16-square foot. If you want a larger area, then you can combine two portable dog fences, or even more. There are no hooks, only electroplated gold zinc wires, so your pets won’t get wounded inside the portable dog fence. The Proselect fence is easy to bring along when traveling because they are foldable. You can choose the size of your fence, based on how big or small your pet is. Different styles are also available to choose from.

K9 Kennel Dog Fence

Another model of a portable dog fence is the Model 64-1066 by K9 Kennel. This is a competitive brand in the market because it is trusted and tested to be dependable and sturdy. The K9 Kennel portable dog fence is lightweight and has steel frames with round edges. When setting up this fence, all you need is a pair of pliers. This portable dog fence is fastened at one end, which makes it easy for you to open the fence while holding your dog in one hand. It is also easy to transfer because of its size.

Gold Plated Fences

You can also check out the portable dog fence which is Gold Plated. It is also a pen for your pets exercising and has a height of 48 inches. When you buy a dog fence kit, you will get eight panels; each has the dimensions 24” x 48”. This portable dog fence is easy to carry around but they are tough and long-lasting. They can be used at home, or can be brought along when traveling or for dog shows. This Gold Plated dog fence is more resilient and not prone to rusting—unlike others that come with zinc plating. If you want a larger pen, or want to put a number of dogs together in one fence, you can expand your gold plated fence. To achieve your desired size, you just link together two of these fences, or even more.

Home & Go Pet Pen

Still another option is the list of best anti bark collars Home & Go Pet Pen. This fence is relatively small and is available in pink. One of the available dimensions is 36”x24” and is very easy to carry with you on trips because they can be easily placed in your car’s backseat. This dog carrier is not only small and easy to carry but at the same time weighs less. You can choose from two different sizes— but the features are the same for both choices. Here are a couple of features: has zippers (reliable,) it’s waterproof, has a tray (removable), it is strong, has a pad (can be reversed), it is safe from stains, a bag for your dog’s toys and food, a pad (really soft because it has fleeced- side while the opposite is made of nylon, making it water resistant, and its leash can be adjusted.


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